Joy Is A Form Of Resistance

"In this current climate, any action outside of organizing, protesting, or even just keeping up with the exhaustive news cycle feels like it requires a disclaimer. The world is different; everything feels wrong. Please don’t feel that you should give up your passion projects or your art. You deserve to maintain a sense of livelihood and light during these very troubling times without feeling guilty. Don’t beat yourself up if you want to dance, read apolitical fiction, go to the movies, throw a party, or even just take a break from reading the news."


I drafted a few posts for Grl Book earlier this week, then deleted all of them and felt extremely guilty for dedicating even an ounce of brain space to thinking about trivial things like blog posts, Instagram captions, and social media in general, given the current state of the world. The past two weeks have been nothing short of horrifying and heart-breaking. There is so much Bad right now that it's overwhelming to even know which tragedy to focus on without panicking that you're neglecting all the others. I've never been a particularly political person and Grl Book is far from being a political blog, but it feels distasteful and frankly, impossible, to share anything too sunny right now. Grl Book is not a political platform, but it is a place you can come to be inspired by women; women who are smart and brave and unwilling to sit idly while everything that we hold sacred - we as women, we as human beings - is being threatened.

I started the 'Grls I Know' project a few weeks before the election results came in. My original intention was that it would be a small but mighty celebration complementing the first female President being elected to office. When I included the interview question, "How does it feel to be a woman in the United States in light of the recent election?", it was originally written in a very different vein. The answers were supposed to be met with excitement and optimism, instead of the dread and sadness that came instead. It's because of the election, though, that this project suddenly felt even more powerful and poignant and worth sharing.

Last week I passed a sign that read, "Joy is a form of resistance." It stopped me in my tracks because joy doesn't feel like an option right now. It feels wrong for something to go right in my own little world, when just about every single thing seems to be going wrong outside of it. But the truth is, the personal is political. Joy IS a form of resistance, especially when we are being told that fear and hatred are the new norms. If we completely abandon all the things that bring us happiness and peace of mind with the intention of dedicating ourselves fully to this fight, it seems likely that we'll lose ourselves along the way; we won't be able to come up for air if we choose to abandon joy. So that is where I hope Grl Book fits in - as a place to come up for air. I want to continue sharing stories about amazing women. I want to continue sharing things that motivate and inspire you. I want to continue adding a small amount of joy to your day by providing what I hope is a brief, but welcome distraction from everything I imagine you've dedicated the rest of your day to.