A Love Note To The Grls I Know


To all of the kind, smart, and talented Grls I Know who volunteered their time to help me make this project come to life, thank you. Thank you for spending your lunch breaks, your Sunday mornings, and your Saturday afternoons with me (when you could just as easily have said "thanks but no thanks" and stayed in bed, eating Chinese take-out like a normal, selfish person). 

I am constantly in awe of the women I know. You are fierce and passionate and never afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You are the women who inspired this project and this blog, and the women who inspire me the most. You are each individually a testament to the quiet truth (often recognized too late) that the real heroines and role models of my life are the Grls I've sat next to at work and the ones I drink beer with on Friday nights. 

Thank you for sharing pieces of your story. I can't wait to find out the rest. 

Grls I Know will return in the summer! 

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